Increase Efficiency

End the frustration of losing that good fishing spot when your trolling motor turns. You control the direction of the transducer... not the trolling motor.

Why LSMount
  • Strong 12 volt 6 rpm motor

  • All aluminum Shafts and head

  • Very easy and simple installation

  • Mounts for practically any situation

  • 2 control pedal options

  • Mounts and hardware included

  • Competitive pricing

  • Only weighs about 5 Ib

The Problem

Garmin Livescope, Lowrance Active Target, and perhaps others have taken over the fishing industry as no other electronics has ever done before BUT mounted on a trolling motor they will not stay on target when your trolling motor turns especially when using spot-lock.

The Solution

With our LSMmount you can scan for targets regardless of the direction of your trolling motor. Totally hands-free…leaving you to fish. "Once you use our LSMount you will never go back to a using the transducer on your trolling motor or even a handheld controller. We've tried both and there is no comparison. Between the wind, boat drift and spot-lock you lose the effectiveness of your unit. At 25 feet out from the transducer your only seeing about a 8 foot circle. That is a relatively small window to stay on" 


We have never had a unit returned.