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  • Garmin Force - Includes Stabilizer
  • Garmin Force - Includes Stabilizer
  • Garmin Force - Includes Stabilizer
  • Garmin Force - Includes Stabilizer
  • Garmin Force - Includes Stabilizer

Garmin Force - Includes Stabilizer


A foot-controlled mount providing hand-free control of your Garmin Livescope or Lowrance Livesight that stays on target when your trolling motor turns. Made with all aluminum shafts, a user-friendly foot control, easily mounted, and a number of installation options, yet weighs less than 5 lbs. The LSMmount comes with the mounting option and pedal option that fits you.

  • Minn Kota Ultrex: This mount bolts under the head. Though very strong, in rough water or traveling, to prevent and vibration or bounce, we include the “stabilizer” which attaches between our unit and the trolling motor.

  • Large pedal: This 7"x8" pedal can lay in the boat or be attached down. Very strong and easy to use. The right pedal turns the unit clockwise, and left pedal turns the unit counter-clockwise.


    Rocker Pedal: This pedal is about the size of your hand, 4"x5". It can be attached to the boat with screws or Velcro. You can put your foot on it and “rock” it back and forth. Note: because this pedal is more expensive for us, we charge an additional $25.00.

    Which is the best? They all do the same thing. It really is what you get used to. It depends on your style of fishing, boat make-up, and what you are most comfortable with. They all work great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a warranty?

Limited for one year for parts and any labor.  Damage due to neglect or abuse such as running into stumps, docks and such like are not covered.

Why not a remote controller?

Takes most of us both hands to fish. With any of our pedals, you can just “bump’ it and bring your target back in. Remote control defeats the purpose of being hands-free.

What about installation?

The ultrex and force just mount onto the unit because they are single shafts. For double shaft motors, we use “dog-bones” which are just simple bolting between shafts. The ram will depend on where you mount it. Wiring is only two wires going to a power source.

How easy is this to use?

With the pedal on the floor next to your trolling motor, simply with your foot engage one side of the pedal to go clockwise and the other side to go counter-clockwise. The motor will turn the shaft about 320 degrees and stop so the wires won’t bind.